This article provides an overview of each supported third-party integration, and links to setup guides.

Supported integrations

Learn about enabling integrations for a project.


You can provision and manage your team's Cmd accounts with SCIM, or use Azure AD to set up SSO.

Duo Security 

The Duo Security integration allows you to use Duo for authentication on Cmd-enabled servers.


Configure Cmd to create or update Jira issues.

How to configure a Jira integration.



Provision and manage your Cmd users, or to enable SSO on Cmd-enabled servers. 


Send notifications to your PagerDuty account.

To do so, you must first add a generic events API integration using 'API v1' to your PagerDuty account.

For more information, see the 'Create a Generic Events API Integration' article on the PagerDuty knowledge base.


The built-in Slack integration lets you send alerts or authentication prompts to Slack. For more information, see How to configure a Slack integration.

Sumo Logic 

The Sumo Logic integration allows you to configure Cmd to send alerts details to Sumo Logic.

To configure a Sumo Logic integration, you must add an HTTP source to your Sumo Logic account.

For more information, see the 'HTTP Source' article within the Sumo Logic Doc Hub.

The extra parameters field allows you to include extra log details. You can enter any value in JSON format. For example:

{ "source": "Cmd", "project": "Test" }

Cmd has pre-defined values for the following strings, and will always overwrite your parameters with the listed values:

  • "action" = trigger.Actions

  • "ip" = runner.Session.CreatedIP

  • "date" = triggerDate

  • "howconnected" = runner.Session.HowConnected

  • "projectid" = globalid.To("Project", runner.Session.ProjectID)

  • "risklevel" = trigger.RiskLevel

  • "servercmdid" = serverCmdID

  • "serverid" = globalid.To("Server", runner.Server.ID)

  • "triggerid" = globalid.To("Trigger", trigger.ID)

  • "type" = triggeredType


The Webhook integration allows you to create custom integrations between additional third-party apps and Cmd. For general information, see How to configure custom webhooks, or look at app-specific guides (for, e.g., xMatters, MS Teams, Elastic Cloud).


The Yubico integration allows users to authenticate on Cmd-enabled servers, and can also be used to authenticate to the Cmd web app.


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