You'll need to set up a GCP bucket to receive the data, and provide information about that bucket to Cmd. After setup, your bucket will receive one file containing Cmd data each minute, assuming there is data to export. Data is exported as zipped JSON.

GCP Bucket setup

  1. Create a new GCP bucket by clicking Create Bucket in the ‘Storage’ section of  

   2. Enter a bucket name and click continue.
   3. In the ‘Choose a default storage class’ section, click continue again to use
       the default option: Multi-Regional.

   4. Under ‘Choose a default storage class', choose Standard

   5. Skip the ‘Advanced settings’ section, and click create.

   6. Go to the permissions tab.

   7. Click Add members.

   8. Under ‘New members’, enter

   9 Under ‘Select a role’, scroll down to Storage, hover over it, and select Storage
      Object Creator:

Cmd web app setup

  1. Open the dropdown menu in the upper-right of the web app and go to Project & App settings.

  2. Select Data export from the menu on the left.

  3. Click Add export, then select Google Cloud Storage.

  4. Enter your bucket name (e.g. "ben-data-export-test"). If you want the exported data to appear in a specific sub-folder, enter a bucket path to specify which one.

  5. Click Next, and select the timezone to use for events timestamps, as well as which types of events to include in data export.

  6. Click Save. Your export should be up and running, and the data export screen should display your newly-configured export, e.g.:

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