1. Create a new GCP bucket by clicking Create Bucket in the ‘Storage’ section of  

   2. Enter a bucket name and click continue.
   3. Next, in the ‘Choose a default storage class’ section, click continue again to use
       the default option: Multi-Regional.

   4. Under ‘Access control model’, choose to Set object-level and bucket-level
, then click continue.

   5. Skip the ‘Advanced settings’ section, and click create.

   6. With your bucket created, go to the permissions tab.

   7. Click Add members.

   8. Under ‘New members’, enter s3exporter-prod-gcs-rwx@cmd-production.iam.gserviceaccount.com

   9 Under ‘Select a role’, scroll down to Storage, hover over it, and select Storage
      Object Creator

   10. Click Save, then back on the Bucket details > Permissions page, click the ‘Role(s)’
        dropdown for your new bucket, and set it to Storage Legacy Bucket Writer, then
        click Save:

   11. Click the Overview tab, then copy the ‘Link for gsutil’ value, and send it to your
       Cmd representative:

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