The 'Teammates' settings page allows you to view your Cmd users, and manage their user roles (to which you can grant different permissions). 

This page does not describe types of user accounts or their associated privileges (e.g. administrator, manager, server operator).

Prerequisite: Only global admins and admins have access to the 'Teammates' page. Managers, viewers, and server operators cannot access this page.

Table of contents:

Find the 'Teammates' settings

  1. In the top-right corner of the web app, click the current project's name to open the drop-down menu.

  2. Select Project & app settings.

  3. On the left-hand menu, under 'Project settings', select Teammates.

Add new accounts

To learn how to add new users to Cmd, see Adding new users.


Change or delete an account

Click the menu icon (3 vertical dots) at the right of the row, then select any of the available options:

  • Edit - Change the user's account details including name, user name, email address, account type, and user roles (for more on roles, see below).

  • Reset password - Send the user an email that allows them to reset their password.

  • Reset one-time codes - Reset the user's one-time codes on their behalf. Reset their codes, then print a copy of the codes to pass to the user.
    Note: Any previously-generated backup codes will become invalid.

  • Clear 2-factor - Remove the user's previously-established 2-factor authentication. Use this option if a user loses their mobile device. The user will receive an email notification that the 2-factor authentication settings on their account have been removed, allowing them to log into the web app to reset with their new mobile device.

  • Deactivate/activate account - Deactivate an active user, or re-activate a deactivated user.
    Note: A deactivated user is still listed on the 'Users' page, but cannot log into the web app. Deactivated users are labeled in the system as 'Deactivated.' Active users carry no label.

  • Unlock account - If the user has attempted to log in with the wrong credentials too many times, they will be locked out of their account for 1 hour. If you'd like to override this temporary lock-down before the hour has expired, use this option.
    Note: This option will only be displayed if the user is currently locked out of their account.

  • Remove from project - If this user belongs to multiple projects, remove them from the project you're currently viewing.
    Note: This option will only be displayed if the user is assigned to multiple projects.

  • Delete - Permanently deactivate and remove this user from Cmd
    Note: If the user has logged in at least once, the user will only be soft deleted from the environment.

Manage user roles

You can customize how triggers react to different groups of users by assigning them "roles" with different privileges. For example, you can exempt certain users—such as those who have already authenticated—from triggers that would prompt for 2FA (read how to implement this example). 

Creating and managing user groups ("roles"):

  • Click the Manage roles button near the top-right corner of the 'Teammates' page to open the pop-up menu.

  • To create a new role, click Add user role in the top-right corner of the menu, type a name, and then click OK to add it to the list. Roles created here can be assigned to users either when you add them to your Cmd project, or afterwards by editing their account following the instructions above.

Deleting a user role
To remove a user role, simply click the x beside its name.

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