Trigger groups can help you organize your Cmd triggers. However, trigger groups are entirely optional. If no trigger groups are configured in the system, all triggers are automatically added to the 'Generic' group.
Note: Global admins, admins, and managers can all add trigger groups.

Adding a new trigger group

  1. Select Triggers from the menu at the top of the Cmd web app.

  2. Locate the 'Trigger groups' section on the left menu and click the plus (add) icon:

    3. Name the new trigger group.

    4. Click Done.

Adding triggers to a trigger group

To assign an existing trigger to a new trigger group, do the following:
Note: To learn about adding new triggers, see Adding new triggers.

  1. On the Triggers page, select Triggers from the left-side menu:

    2. Search for the trigger you'd like to assign to a new group. When you find it, click
        its name to view it, then click Edit in the top right:

    3. Click the 'Group' field and select the desired group:

    4. Click Save to lock in your changes.


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