By copying a report you can:

  • Make a new version of a public report created by a teammate.

  • Create a new report based on an existing report.

  • Collect the same types of data across multiple projects.

Limitation: Reports can only be copied between projects on the same Cmd subdomain. For example, if you have a project at and another project at, this process will not help you to copy a report between them. You will have to copy it manually.

How to copy a report

  1. On the 'Reports' page, locate the report you'd like to copy and click the three-dot menu icon: 

    2. Select Copy report from the drop-down menu.

    3. Select the project into which you'd like to copy your report.

    4. Click Copy report

    5. A copy of the report will appear in the 'My reports' section:

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