There are several ways to stop an agent. You can:

Disable an agent via the web app

Disabling an agent stops it from running, but doesn't uninstall it from the server. While disabled, an agent does not have any monitor or control capabilities, but continues to send agent diagnostics.

Once disabled, an agent will remain disabled until you re-enable it. The "Disable" button will be replaced by an "Enable" button. Follow these steps to disable (or re-enable) an agent:

Uninstall an agent via the web app

To uninstall an agent via the web app, follow these steps:

Uninstall an agent via the command line

Use these commands to uninstall an agent via the command line.

Note: The ccf in these commands refers to the Cmd Control agent. If you are using the Cmd Audit / Cmd Free agent, replace ccf with cmd .

For RHEL/CentOS systems:

sudo rpm -evh ccf

For Ubuntu/Debian systems:

sudo dpkg --purge ccf

To confirm the uninstall, run the following commands, which should confirm that 'ccf' (the agent package) is not installed:

For RHEL/CentOS systems:

rpm -qa ccf 

For Ubuntu/Debian systems:

dpkg -s ccf 


Then, delete /etc/cmd to enable a fresh reinstall.

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