This guide explains how to use custom webhooks to send Cmd alerts to Microsoft Teams. 


  • Before each integration can be added to a project, a global admin must enable it.

  • After that, a manager or admin can add the integration to a project.



  1. Get an incoming webhook URL for Teams by following Microsoft’s instructions here.

  2. Go to the cmd web app.
        - Click your project name in the top right, and choose Project and App Settings.
        - In the left panel, go to Integrations preferences.
        - Choose Webhook.
        - Choose Add integration.

  3. Open the Cmd web app, and click your project title in the top right to open ‘Project and App Settings’, then ‘Integrations preferences’.
        - Choose Webhook.
        - Choose Add integration.
        - Name your webhook (e.g. “MSTeams webhook”).
        - Under ‘Webhook URL’, enter:

           - Under ‘Custom JSON to send’, enter the following, replacing
             WEBHOOK_URL_HERE with the Teams webhook URL which you copied:


For example: 

4. Under ‘CQL properties to send’, select whichever CQL properties you want sent as part of the custom Slack alert. 

5. Your integration should be ready. To set up MSTeams alerts:

  • Create a new trigger which you can fire for testing.

  • Add the action ‘Send custom webhook alert’, making sure to select the correct webhook integration if you have more than one.

  • You should instantly receive an alert that looks like this:

Additional resources

Please send any remaining questions to Cmd support.

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