When the agent is installed on an Ubuntu server, attempting to access the mandb on that server results in a crash.

Current session: To fix the current session, export the env. var., MAN_DISABLE_SECCOMP=1:


Future sessions: To fix future sessions, add the same line to /etc/bash.bashrc.
For example, to append it at the end: 

echo "export MAN_DISABLE_SECCOMP=1" >> /etc/bash.bashrc


Sudo: To implement the above env variable when using sudo:

  • Add a config file to /etc/sudoers.d/man_disable_seccomp

  • Add this line to the new file: Defaults env_keep += "MAN_DISABLE_SECCOMP"

This problem is due to a known issue with mandb's handling of AppArmor and seccomp policies.

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