This feature enables you to capture up to 5 local environment variables (env vars) for each session that starts on a Cmd-enabled server. The selected env vars appear in the Cmd web app terminal under session details. You must specify each env var you wish to capture,


  • Env vars set after a session begins are not captured (this includes those set in
    .profile and .bashrc ).

  • Some SSH configurations permit SSH clients β€” such as on an employee laptop β€” to automatically set environment variables in remote sessions at session startup. This can be useful, but it is also important to keep in mind for security reasons: env var values may not be under the exclusive control of your server.


This feature is supported for Cmd Control agent versions 1.4.5+ and Cmd Audit agent versions 1.1.0+.


Select env vars to capture

  • Click Specify env variable, and add the name of a variable you wish to capture. Repeat this for any additional variables, up to 5.
    NOTE: Each env var name/key must be < 256 bytes, and each value must be < 4096 bytes. Values longer than 4095 will get truncated to fit into this limit.

Display captured env vars

Captured env vars appear in several places:

  • In the sessions table, you can display a column for each env var. To select which columns appear, click the button on the table's right:

  • In the web app terminal, captured env vars appear both in session entry events (with an expandable button), and in the session details pane:

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