The timed session termination feature lets you set a maximum duration for sessions, and/or a maximum duration for inactive sessions. After a session reaches either maximum, it will terminate.


Cmd Control agent 1.4.7+; or,

Cmd Audit agent 1.1.2+


To activate this feature, go to Project & app settings > Agent, then scroll down to Session timeout:

  • You can select timeout durations by increments of five minutes, and the session idle timeout cannot be shorter than the session lifetime timeout.

  • When the Show session timeout message option is active, the agent will display brief messages during sessions affected by your session timeout settings. These messages (which state the amount of remaining time) appear at the beginning of each session, and one minute before session termination.

  • Note: whichever session timeout settings are active at the beginning of a session will affect that session throughout its lifetime, regardless of any updates to the setting made while the session is ongoing.

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