Cmd Audit agent version 1.1.2 introduces support for Debian 9 and Debian 10, adds a feature that lets you restrict the duration of sessions, and includes several important bug fixes.

Debian 9 and 10 now supported

Cmd Audit now supports Debian 9 and Debian 10, with kernel versions 4.19 and higher.

Timed session termination

This version of the agent supports timed session termination. You can now specify the maximum lifetime and idle time for remote sessions by going to Project & app settings > Agent.

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Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug which stopped the agent from monitoring certain sessions on Kubernetes pods in AKS.

  • Fixed a bug that could result in high dentry cache usage due to corrupted file paths.

  • Fixed a bug where bad sensor data could result in excessive CPU usage.

  • Fixed a bug where newly installed agents would not capture SSM sessions until SSM had restarted.

  • Fixed a bug which could cause the agent to crash as a result of incorrectly tracked sessions.

  • Improved post-install cleanup to remove a file with global write permissions that could trigger alerts in systems such as OSSEC.

You can visit the app to install version 1.1.2 of the Cmd Audit agent, or to configure automatic agent updates. As always, please feel free to send us your comments, questions, and feedback.

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