PagerDuty + Cmd Integration benefits

  • Notify on-call responders to high-priority Cmd alerts via PagerDuty.

  • Select which Cmd alert details are sent to PagerDuty (e.g. affected host, responsible user, trigger name, etc.).

How it works

  • After you integrate PagerDuty with Cmd, you can add the "Send PagerDuty alert" action to your Cmd triggers. When a trigger that includes this trigger action fires, you'll receive an alert in PagerDuty.

  • When viewing a Cmd alert in PagerDuty, you can easily follow a link to view more details in the Cmd web app.



  • If you need help, please contact us via the chat bubble at the bottom-right corner of the Cmd web app, or email

Integration walkthrough

In PagerDuty

  • From the Configuration menu, select Services.

  • There are two ways to add an integration to a service:
    - If you are adding your integration to an existing service: Click the name of the service you want to add the integration to. Then, select the Integrations tab and click the New Integration button.
    - If you are creating a new service for your integration: Please read PagerDuty's documentation on Configuring Services and Integrations and follow the steps outlined in the Create a New Service section. Under Integration Type, select Use our API directly, and Events API v1. Enter an Integration Name in the format monitoring-tool-service-name (e.g. cmd-security-alerts). Select your desired Incident Settings, Incident Behavior, and Alert Grouping, then click Add Service, and navigate to your service's Integrations tab:

  • Copy your Integration Key for later use.

In Cmd

  • Open the dropdown menu in the upper-right, and go to Project & app settings.

  • Select Integrations preferences from the menu on the left, then select PagerDuty.

  • Click Add integration, then enter a name for your integration, and paste the Integration key from your new PagerDuty service.

  • Click Test integration, and Cmd will send a test alert to your new PagerDuty service.

  • Click Save. You can now add the "Send PagerDuty alert" action to your Cmd triggers.

How to uninstall

  • To delete the integration from PagerDuty, navigate to the service which receives Cmd alerts, click More in the upper-right, then select Delete Service.

  • To delete the integration from Cmd, go to Integrations preferences, select PagerDuty, then click the 3-dot menu to the right of the integration you wish to delete, and select Delete:

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