Version 1.11.0 of the Cmd WebApp lets you export Alert events via the Data Export interface that we introduced in the last update. It also fixes bugs with Slack authorization, project switching, and LastPass on Firefox. Read on to learn more!

Data export updates

You can now export Alert events, in addition to the familiar Process events. To see what fields each event type contains, see our updated Data Export Schema.

You can choose to include Alerts when you set up data export. Or, if you want to add Alert events to an existing data export integration:

  • Click Edit on the integration:

  • Select which types of events you want to export:

  • Click Save.

Bug fixes:

Slack authorization:
Fixed a bug which interfered with authorization via Slack, by handling an edge-case related to character limits.

Improved links to Cmd projects:

While signed in to a Cmd project, you can now click a link to another Cmd project of which you are a member to immediately switch projects, without having to log in again.

Fixed LastPass on Firefox

Resolved a bug which was interfering with the LastPass Firefox extension.

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We hope you find alert events valuable. Please feel free to tell us how you use them. As always, we welcome your questions, comments, and feedback.

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