The latest updates to the Cmd Audit agent make it easier than ever to download and install (including as a DaemonSet), and add support for several container OSes:

Signed packages — Download via Apt and Yum

The Cmd Audit agent is now available from Cmd's official repositories, so you can easily install it with Yum or Apt.

Prebuilt DaemonSet images

We greatly simplified the process of deploying the Cmd Audit agent as a DaemonSet. See for yourself in the updated DaemonSet deployment guide.

New OS support — Flatcar, Fedora CoreOS, Red Hat CoreOS

The Cmd Audit agent now supports three container OSes. Learn to deploy on these OSes.

Known issue — Command output on kernels 5.10.11+

We have identified an issue which prevents the Cmd Audit agent from capturing command output. This applies to all versions of the agent running on Linux kernels 5.10.11+. This issue will be fixed in future versions.

Sha-256 Checksums




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