New Documentation Site

We are pleased to announce the new and improved online home for Cmd’s product documentation, release notes, and FAQs. replaces The new site is a major improvement, with features including:

  • Faster page load times,

  • Natively searchable tables, so you never again have to download a PDF to search for data export fields or CQL properties,

  • Better organization, including a left-side navigation menu with expandable subsections. …And more. See for yourself, and feel free to send us your feedback.

We aren’t taking the old site down right away, but we encourage you to update your bookmarks now to make sure you continue to see the most up-to-date information. All documentation links in the web app now point to the new site.

Bug Fixes

Alert events’ server group field:

Alert events now include the server_group field, as intended. It will appear in exported data, and you will be able to sort alerts by server group on the Alerts page, and resolve alerts by server group.

Resolving alerts by trigger:

When resolving alerts grouped by trigger, the trigger’s name will now appear instead of its ID.

Editing trigger actions:

Fixed a bug where removing any action from a trigger with multiple actions via the ‘Edit trigger’ interface would always remove the bottom/last action first.

Old triggers:

Fixed a bug that could cause an error when viewing triggers created prior to March 2019, and stop their actions from firing as intended.

Okta SCIM provisioning:

Resolved an error that could occur when attempting to assign a user to the Cmd Okta app.

“Scheduled” tab crash:

Fixed a bug that could cause the web app to crash when attempting to access the ‘Scheduled’ tab on the Servers page.

Default triggers:

Fixed a bug that interfered with adding default trigger sets to new Cmd projects.

Outdated link:

Removed an outdated link to “See plan options” in the Billing section of account settings.

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